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Procedures for fixation

Procedures for fixation

a) Preparation of a fixing solution

It is good for an undecalcified specimen to use 70-80%EtOH as a fixing solution. Although absolute EtOH is used before embedding after the tissue was fixed for drying, it is not used for the first fixation.

Either 70-80%EtOH or 4%-neutral buffered formaldehyde can use a decalcified specimen. Moreover, immunity dyeing (decalcified or undecalcified) and enzyme dyeing have good 4%-neutral buffered formaldehyde. However, if we are consulted with beforehand in dyeing which detects the above proteins, a result with surely good you will be obtained.

b) Extraction of hard tissue

Extract a bone or a cartilage from the body carefully so that it may not damage. Please remove muscles and connective tissue. However, since it is not good to damage the periosteum and a cartilage, need to put such soft tissues into practice and it is not necessary to remove them.

Before soaking in fixed liquid, in order to improve fixation, please make the hard tissue small as much as possible. When it can never cut small, you should put a crack into a sample. We are often using the tool for dentistries for this purpose.

c) Fixation of hard tissue sample(s)

Immerse the hard tissue into the ethanol (70-80%) of the 25 time-volume of a sample. Let’s exchange for new ethanol once a day, and sometimes shake a container. This operation is repeated for seven days. Furthermore, since there are fixed conditions which may change depending on each sample, please consult with us as much as possible.

d) Air transport of a sample

Processing of the sample is carried out by air transport in Tokyo in Japan. For overseas transportation, documents called MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to the fixed liquid are required. It is because the customs cannot be entered if MSDS is not attached to an invoice. MSDS can come to hand, if the maker of the used fixed liquid is contacted. For some makers, it is also downloadable from a homepage.

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